Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nuclear Deal.... Is it a clear deal???

Written by: Team Hamara Bharath Mahan

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Dear Reader, few questions...

What is the intention of Mr.Manmohan Singh (a 100% gratified person to USA) to signing this nuclear deal with USA? Even by losing the face of Government? Is he getting some back end support from US? Does a minority government have moral or political legitimacy to sign the nuclear deal? Do you believe that majority of Indian people wish to get signed this agreement?

In USA every major decisions are taken by the Government only after getting majority in the public opinion poll, and not only depending the majority in the parliament. In India, once a political party get the majority in election, it will lead the government and never ever do any public interest check or public opinion polls. Former president R. Venkatraman has said in his autobiography that he had told the then government (that time) not to sign an international agreement after it became a minority government. Do we expect the same from Prathibha Patil?

Now, the Government is a minority one and it is having no right to continue with any international deals (even they got 4 years to do something, but not). If they get a majority of 1 member (273 in parliament) by spending lot of money or offering some other to Independent MPs, it cannot be identified as a majority Government. Especially Indian people are (most) against the American interests, we saw the proof in Iraq war matter and many other examples.

As of our opinion, the Government should not try to get vote of house (from Parliament) but need to get a success in public opinion poll from the common people to understand the Indian People's interest in this regard.

Wish a Great India without dirty politicians

The Hamara Bharath Mahan Team


shefi said...

Definitly there must be a people openion poll for all the major things in India. Before election they need Peoples openion, after election no openinon from people. it must be changed..........jai hind

Anees P A said...

Yes correct........ This govt is not looking people's face and they are afraid... Also this govt Cheating to all people.

This agreement is 100% suicide attempt for INDIA.... This Congress Govt got a Big commission from US.

So If anybody love India they they must make sound against these things.


What do you Think about Indian Politics?

Does a Minority Government have moral or political legitimacy to sign the nuclear deal?