Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Political instability will affect India's future a lot

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India's political unstable condition will affect the country’s developments and all in future and now also.

I am dreaming for a day to come with a stable government in India with Good Vision on future of our Country (“not any other country’s vision”). I am asking few questions to the readers. You may able to reply me by posting though comments.

What do you think about the present situation in our country?

Is the present situation good for the future of our country?

What about the present politicians, no matter of the political party?

Do we need the nuclear agreement with another unstable country-USA?

(US supporters, excuse me – I am not a Marxist/Communist)

The instability of the government will affect India's future a lot. There is no daily routines of the government is happening, just discussion between the left & right parties are going on every day. The left parties are discussing only when they need to withdraw the support to UPA Government, and in same time INC is thinking only when they get signed the agreement with USA. There is no time for any matters, other than this.

What is the actual intention of INC to sign the agreement with USA, even this much protest against the same? Even in USA, the president cannot take a decision himself and he needs the permission from the mass/the public. Once if he fails to succeed the survey from public, he should cancel any decision that taken. Why not Indian Prime Minister chooses a way to get a mass/public opinion poll in the nuclear agreement with US matter? Otherwise UPA government can resign and after getting a majority in next election INC can sign the agreement, isn’t it?

In India, the world's greatest democratic country, once the public elect one party to lead the government (not to rule the country), the elected political party will never ever ask/inquire the public interest till the end of their tenure. This should be changed and if there is any decision that affects the entire country/people, should be only by succeed in a public opinion poll only.

God Bless India… and Indians

Hamara Bharath Mahan

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What do you Think about Indian Politics?

Does a Minority Government have moral or political legitimacy to sign the nuclear deal?